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Tax Bite


Argie Karafotias started the Golden Brunch in Arlington Heights with his family in 2016 because his dream is to serve his community good food.

The pandemic and Illinois’ high taxes pushed many restaurants into bankruptcy. Golden Brunch was hurt by those same challenges, but Karafotias worked hard and persevered.

Now he and his family business face a new threat: Amendment 1.

The constitutional amendment at the top of the Nov. 8 ballot is in truth a property tax hike of at least $2,100 on the typical Illinois homeowner. If approved, higher property taxes would only make it harder for Karafotias and Illinois’ small business owners to hold on to their dreams.

“Now, Illinois politicians want another property tax hike? How much more?” Karafotias asked. “We just cannot afford another tax hike. That’s why I’m voting ‘no’ on Amendment 1.”

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