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Illinois citizens group forms to oppose labor amendment it says will lead to higher taxes

from Center Square by Andrew Hensel

(The Center Square) – A group of Illinois residents has formed the Citizen Advisory Coalition to Save Illinois to get the word out about the labor amendment on the November ballot that the group says will cost Illinoisans in higher taxes.

The Citizen Advisory Coalition to Save Illinois is led by Anthony Travis, a Proviso Village trustee, and has been speaking out against a pro-union amendment up for a vote in November.

The measure, Amendment 1, aims to codify collective bargaining issues in the Illinois state constitution. Amendment 1, if approved by voters, would enshrine union protections regarding what can be negotiated in contracts, including wages, hours, and working conditions.

The group met for the first time Tuesday night. Travis and the rest of the group say the change would "prevent commonsense reforms" to reduce homeowners' property tax burdens while giving government union leaders virtually limitless new ways to demand higher costs on taxpayers.

Travis said that unions would have more power than elected officials.

"If this thing passes, it will take away taxpayers' rights, and it would take away the legislators' rights to fix it," Travis said.

The Illinois Policy Institute has reported that over $4 million has come from union groups to support the measure.

Travis told The Center Square that Illinoisans need to be informed of the dangers of the amendment.

"The unions have been putting their versions out of what the workers' rights amendment is about, and that is to prevent a right-to-work state," Travis said. "We need to get people listening because many right now do not even know it is on the November ballot."

Supporters include many different union groups and Democratic lawmakers. The Illinois Education Association has urged voters to vote "yes" on the Amendment in November.

"The Worker's Rights Amendment ensures we have a strong voice at work and protects our right to organize and bargain collectively for wages, hours, and working conditions, and to protect their

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