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YouTube Kids pushing LGBTQ+ propaganda

From PragerU

Do you know what your kids are watching? Children’s entertainment on streaming channels like YouTube Kids must be safe for children, right? WRONG! The hidden dangers lurking on one of the most popular media platforms for kids—YouTube Kids—cannot be ignored. It's alarming but true, YouTube Kids is exposing children to sexually explicit and inappropriate content, despite YouTube Kids claiming to provide a "family-friendly" environment. For too long, we’ve been turning a blind eye, asking ourselves, “How bad can it be?” Meanwhile, our kids are being bombarded with dangerous, inappropriate ideas about sex and gender.

It’s hard to believe that a kids media network is intentionally harming children, but we have hard-hitting evidence that YouTube Kids is peddling predatory propaganda. PragerU personality Aldo Buttazzoni—who is making national headlines for exposing the truth about “family-friendly” drag shows—investigated what would happen if a 9-year-old child created a YouTube Kids account. What he discovered was horrifying.

One of the first videos that YouTube Kids recommends to 9-year-old children is titled, “Kids Meet a Gender Non-Conforming Person.” A prominent channel on YouTube Kids is “Queer Kid Stuff,” where videos describe in detail the sexual identity of each letter in the LGBTQ+ acronym and teach children to “Learn About CONSENT!” These YouTube Kids content creators use keywords like "preschoolers," "toddler," and "stuffed animal" for online searches. Obviously, these videos are not only intended for confused teens and preteens. PragerU is sounding the alarm. Our children are at risk. It’s time to wake up to the truth and fight back. YouTube Kids shows crazy, inappropriate videos to children, yet YouTube continues to restrict hundreds of PragerU videos, including our videos on the Ten Commandments. Apparently, the Ten Commandments aren’t appropriate for kids, but sexually-charged content is!

YouTube Kids is not safe for children

YouTube Kids is targeting impressionable, young children and grooming them with videos about sexuality, gender identity, and consenting to sexual acts! But this is NOT how YouTube Kids advertises itself. They claim to “give kids a more contained environment filled with family-friendly videos.” Does YouTube Kids include images of “Queer Kid Stuff” in its advertisements? Of course not!

Just look at YouTube Kids’ ads! They are lying to busy parents who want to believe YouTube Kids has their children’s best interest at heart. We can’t let them get away with this! This is why we created PragerU Kids. Now, parents finally have an alternative to the woke and dangerous garbage that is out there.

Help us educate the masses about this issue

  • Enable us to make more hard-hitting content and spread awareness to millions

  • Allow PragerU Kids to reach more American families with wholesome, educational, entertaining kids content

We must act now. Our children are counting on us. Please join in the fight today.

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