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Candidate Question & Answer Videos

We gave our Primary Election Candidates 5 questions we believe are on the minds of voters and asked them to record their answers.  Here are the questions and their video recorded responses.

The Questions

  • Your Motivation

        What is your primary motivation for running for this office?

  • Your Goals

        What do you want to accomplish if / when elected to this office?

  • Principles

        Describe three bedrock principles that are most important to you, which will guide every decision you make in your          public life.

  • Law and Order

        The public’s trust in the equal and sure application of law enforcement, civil order, and the rule of law is essential to          a successful society. How do you balance the rights of citizens to petition the government for redress of grievances          and provide a safe community? What needs to be done to restore the public’s trust in law enforcement and to                    ensure that everybody feels that they have equal protection under the law?

  • Small Government

       Government always gets bigger and, accordingly, more intrusive and controlling over citizens' lives. What is your               suggestion on how we can rein in and reduce the size and scope of government?

Mark Carroll
Jesse Sullivan
David Shestokas
Judge Dan Shanes
Mike Shorten
Steve Kim
Shannon Teresi
Jerry Evans